Companion Care offers assistance with basic chores that support individual health and well-being. We help clients maintain their independence and active lifestyles while easing the burden chores can present when eyesight, strength and mobility are reduced by reason of short-term or chronic conditions. Meal Preparation We work with clients to prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious meals. Our assistants work with each client’s ability level, whether it’s lifting pots, assisting with food preparation or ensuring clients are eating well-balanced meals. Good meals are key to good health, and our assistants ensure clients don’t miss out.

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Feeding & Meal Preparation

Severe illness can require a special diet. Trained nursing assistants can prepare and serve meals that meet the specific nutritional and personal requirements of clients. Our nurses can monitor clients for any adverse reactions, enhancing the safety of mealtimes while also providing a comforting social presence.

Administering Medication

Regular medication is often an essential part of managing illness and discomfort. Our nurses will ensure that clients receive the medication they need at the time they require it. They’ll also monitor that it’s working as it should. Often, medications in advanced cases depend on key indicators such as blood pressure, or require special assistance to administer. The help of nursing assistants ensures that clients receive the care they require.

Mobility Assistance

The effects of advanced illness can severely limit mobility. Our nurses are trained to transfer and position clients to limit pressure injuries and tissue damage. Proper positioning can also enhance the functioning of bodily systems, including circulation, digestion and excretion. Where clients need assistance accessing washrooms or other facilities, nurses can provide the support needed.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

The decline of cognitive functioning is frequently a part of aging, but proper care can mitigate its effects. With the help of nursing assistance, clients can live safer, more independent lives that promote their well-being and peace of mind among their families and friends.

End of Life Care

Many people wish to live the final chapter of their lives in familiar surroundings. Home is truly where the heart is, and our nurses help clients to live there as long as possible. The specific requirements of home care are well known to our nurses, from providing a comfortable environment to managing pain and providing respite to family caregivers. We sensitively and compassionately give our clients the best care for them to live their lives on their terms.

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